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As a certified interior designer, I live my passion:

Timeless design creates anchors of calm in our fast-moving times.

My motto:
Saving the world from white, empty walls!

Gunnar Kämpgen, Interior Designer, Berlin

Growing up in the 90s, I developed my special sense for aesthetics early on. Since Lego boxes still consisted of simple, colourful bricks, I accurately built houses without instructions, paying particular attention to the following: no random mixing of colours and adherence to symmetry.

The distinct understanding of colour has accompanied me on my numerous journeys and during my stays abroad. In doing so, I have realized that there is a universal understanding of design, beauty and aesthetics. I interpret this symbiosis as "cosiness". An ethnic coffee house in Cape Town looks different from a bistro on the French Côte d'Azur. And yet it exists everywhere: the café where you can spend the whole day, the hotel room that still brings a smile to your lips years later or the office of a business partner that combines work and lifestyle so perfectly. Despite cultural and historical differences, what all these places have in common is that they respect universally valid basic laws of interior design and implement them brilliantly.

As an entrepreneur, I am obsessed with constantly optimising procedures and processes and questioning existing ones. Also, the essence of interior design is to understand with what goal a space is furnished, or what use it should bring in the future. In doing so, functionality and appearance must always be weighed against each other.

Over the last few years, I have used my own real estate projects as an opportunity to apply my skills as an interior designer and to constantly improve and professionalise them. At the same time, as an Airbnb host, I have received feedback from many international guests that my understanding of design is universal and appreciated. I would also like to help you create a timeless home that you can identify with, far away from passing trends.

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